1. SAOEC will be published by two languages, which are Arabic and English.
  2. SAOEC emphasis that all articles and views will be published with SAOEC express researchers’ views and opinions.
  3. SAOEC is non-profit organization.
  4. One of goals of SAOEC is to publish research papers and studies in special education, and it has to be original and creative.
  5. SAOEC has a peer-reviewed journal.
  6. When the research submitted his request for publishing, he/she has to committed his/her will not be submitted elsewhere until he/she hear from us.
  7. After researcher submission, SAOEC will select the reviewers based on the area of special education. For example, if the researcher choose his or her topic in learning disability SAOEC will send his/ her papers to editors who has Ph.D. in that area.
  8. The processes of peer- reviewed will be sent to three blind reviewers without the researcher’s name if two of them agreed to accept; SAOEC will publish it.
  9. The researcher will be informed of the result as soon as the reviewers take a decision and submit their feedbacks and comments.
  10. If the article is accepted, then the article is owned by SAOEC.
  11. SAOEC will be given the researcher three options, which are, accepted, accepted, with editing condition, or rejected.
  12. SAOEC has the right to ask the researcher to adjust her or his work depending on the reviewer’s decisions.
  13. When the paper is accepted, SAOEC will get a copy electronic of their work.
  14. SAOEC must gain on first page some information about the researcher such as name of university or kind of job, academic degree, name and location of authors(s), email, etc.).
  15. SAOEC has three calendar of publication, which is in January, May and September of each year.